It's a big decision to choose where to take lessons. We hope you join the HSS family.

It's a big decision to choose where to take lessons from


Check out what people have said about High Standard Stables

"If you're looking for fun filled, attention to detail, and improving your riding, Amy is by far one of the best suited to teach you. She is amazing at catering to every special need, for any horse or rider combo. I originally met Amy many years ago, when I was very unconfident, with a green horse I had no clue where to start with. She helped me win my very first championship in the low hunters division. When my mare tragically passed away from a freak accident, Amy was there to help me as not just a rider, but as a friend. With those following months, she helped me pick out a big beautiful gelding to begin a new journey with. Before you know it, I'm showing in not just english but doing western pleasure as a well as gaming and even horse racing. Amy has knowledge in just about every area you can think of, and is just about as versatile as trainers can come. Want to do 3 phase eventing? No problem, she does that also! Want to try a new discipline just for fun? She can help you do that as well! Good trainers are hard to come by, but great ones like Amy are even more seldom. Deciding to take my first lesson with Amy, was the start of a sport and career I never thought would be possible. I am the rider I am today because of her, and not a million thank you's will ever be enough. Training under Amy was one of the best decisions in my equestrian career, and I will never regret that. Highly recommend her if you are not only looking for a trainer, but a lifelong friend." Kelsey Weiser (student)

“The very first words that came out of my mouth after my first lesson with Amy were "Wow. She can definitely teach me what I want to learn." Since then, I have been taking lessons consistently (sometimes twice a week because I value them so much!) with Amy and I enjoy every minute of every lesson. Amy has helped me to better understand the art of riding disciplines including dressage, western, hunters, jumpers, and just pleasure flat classes, she truly knows it all! She always has words of encouragement and is so friendly, add that to her endless knowledge of horses and riding, equals a fun-filled and action packed lesson! Amy truly can help anyone to ride as long as they simply have the will to ride and a love of horses. Never before have I had a better instructor or better lessons. I have made leaps and bounds in my riding and my overall relationship with my horse in only one year riding with Amy and I truly thank her so much, she is a wonderful instructor.” Allison Tuchrello (student)

"As someone who owns horses and has ridden/competed all of my life, I am so glad I have Amy to teach my children. She is definitely a step above your average instructor, and she has taken my children to another level of riding. Horseback riding is like swimming, when it comes to parents worrying about safety. Once your children can swim you don't worry as much about them around water, and once your children can ride you don't worry as much about them falling off. Amy has helped so much with the relationship my children have with their ponies through their experiences with lessons, camps, and her beautiful run horse shows." 

Carmen Vegder (mother of students)

“If it wasn’t for High Standard Stables, I would have never improved as much as I have. Amy always encourages me to do my best and that has helped me so much. Amy also treats me with the most kindness as she does with everyone else. High Standard Stables is really the place to be if you want to improve as much as all her students have! Thank you so much Amy, you are the best!”      

 Kayla Grant (student)

I am happy to have found such a great resource as High Standard Stables. My daughter, Jordyn, has blossomed this year under the direction of Amy Becker. Not only is Amy a valuable instructor, but also a fantastic and fun person. Jordyn has enjoyed her lessons, horse camps, and shows tremendously. Her confidence level has grown rapidly. She has shown marked improvement with her skills. I would recommend Amy as an instructor, to anyone, regardless of their level of riding."

Sally Carrier (mom of student)

“I have taken lessons at High Standard Stables for 3 years now and can honestly say that my riding and horsemanship skills have greatly improved! I have had so much fun with Amy and friends every time I go there. Two years ago, I bought my horse, Honey, from Amy and had the most wonderful time while creating a very special bond with a truly amazing horse. Amy helped Honey and I become a very successful team in the dressage ring, cross country course, and in the show ring. I could not have asked for a more perfect horse and am very thankful for all that Amy has done for us!” 

Alice Smith (student)


"Amy was one of my very first trainers when I began riding as a child. I rode for her for years and have always enjoyed her teaching style. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about all things horse: proper riding style, horse care and doctoring, showmanship, I even learned the pieces of a bridle and saddle during my time with her! She’s very patient with her students, and at the same time is not afraid to push them. She’s an instructor who knows what her students are capable of and brings them to that next level. You will love working with Amy on and off the horse. She’s open, kind, and easy to get along with! Once you start riding for her, no other trainer is going to be the same!" Kim Arnold (student)

"Amy Becker was and still is the best instructor and trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have taken lessons with many other instructors but Amy is by far the most passionate about what she does. I always finished lessons in a positive mindset with plenty to work on before the next one. The progress I made in my riding with several different horses with Amy was incredible. Whether you're an experienced rider wishing to improve your skills for competition or you're just starting out, High Standard Stables is where you need to be. I wish she never moved but Texas and her new clients sure are lucky to have her!" Allie Tuchrello (student)

"High Standard Stables is the absolute best for anyone who is either considering learning how to ride or for anyone who just wants to improve! I started with HSS when I was fairly young, and Amy was always so encouraging and helpful to get me into a classicaly correct position and truly appreciate the bond between horse and rider. She is firm, but never unkind and always points out the good before addressing the bad in a professional way! Without Amy Becker and High Standard Stables I would not be the rider I am today! I am so blessed and thankful to have them in my life!" Ella Countryman (student)

"I am so happy our daughters started riding with Amy. She is a thoughtful, encouraging and motivating instructor. As a parent, I valued the professional, safe and fun atmosphere Amy provided. Amy offered a complete learning experience at every age level. She worked with her students both in and out of the saddle, including barn management, horse care, and personal responsibility. Our kids sometime just liked being at the barn even without having a lesson!" Beth Shafer (mom of students)

"High Standard Stables has provided Skyler with the opportunity to become a better rider as well as build her self confidence through lessons, camps, and competitions. All of these experiences have contributed to her strengthening her relationship with her horses. We are truly lucky to have the knowledge Amy has to offer in a safe, professional, and friendly atmosphere!" Dawn Race (mom of student)

"Over the years, as a horse owner, I've utilized the services of 7 different horse trainers. By far and away Amy is the most effective trainer I've encountered. Her talents in working with and developing the necessary manners and movements for a horse to compete in classic dressage are outstanding." 

John Mahlendorf (Owner of Oakhill Farm and Ranch)