It's a big decision to choose where to take lessons. We hope you join the HSS family.

Welcome to High Standard Stables


Striving to help riders effectively communicate with the horse in order to achieve their potential

Riding is not an easy sport.  But the pleasure a rider can get while being on a horse is priceless!  Whether you want to ride for pleasure or to compete, HSS can help you accomplish your goals. As with most sports, riding requires riders to work on the same things and it can seem redundant at times.  But to help riders stay as safe as possible, it is very important to make sure that the foundation is built correctly and that riders do not advance to harder things until they are ready for them.  Some riders improve quicker than others so don’t get discouraged if it seems to take you longer to accomplish something than you were hoping to.

Thank you for choosing to ride at High Standard Stables and we look forward to having you join the HSS family.

What to Expect

    Safety is huge at High Standard Stables!  We will take the best possible care of the rider and make sure that you have a solid foundation built before asking you to do something more challenging. We make sure to build a lesson program that best suits your needs to help you improve as much as possible in each lesson. We will encourage you and push you to work hard and achieve great things. You will not only learn about riding and how to correct your position but also horse care and responsibility. 

     Here at High Standard Stables we emphasize effective communication between horse and rider to help them excel at everything they do.  Riders will be taught how to communicate with their horse using effective horsemanship.  No matter what the discipline, perfect communication with the horse is irreplaceable.  Horses are big animals and we still want to make sure that we are gentle with them.  

    The younger beginning students will learn to ride in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  These first experiences for the beginner riders will determine whether they want to continue riding, so it is very important to make sure that the experience is a positive one.  High Standard Stables will ensure that your rider gets the best possible experience and instruction.  For young beginner students we will not always do ring work - while we work on the basics, we will keep it fun by going on trail rides and playing games.  This is a great way to get them comfortable and teach them the basics without losing their interest.

    For the more advanced riders the lessons will be action packed with intense learning.  Whether your interest is dressage, hunters, eventing, or jumpers, you can get high quality instruction from High Standard Stables allowing you to take your riding to the next level.  Make sure to bring lots of energy because you will work hard in your lesson to get as much as you can out of it!

What to wear:

Long jeans, or riding pants

Boots with a heel (we do offer a selection of kid sized boots that you can borrow)

SEI/ASTM certified riding helmet (bring your own or use one of our helmets) Everyone taking a lesson is required to wear a helmet.

High Standard Stables has a lesson horse for every level of rider from beginner to advanced.  You may bring your own horse to ride or ride a HSS lesson horse. There is no haul in fee for bringing your own horse. But the horse must be up to date on shots and have a current coggins.

Lesson Info

For the 20 minute starter lesson, the horse will already be tacked up and ready to go. The rider will ride for the full 20min. 

The full lessons are 45min of riding. The first 10 minutes will be learning to get the horse ready and then you will ride for 45 min. After the lesson you will brush the horse down and put it back in the pasture.  

Remember, if you are late, the lesson will still end at the normal time since there will be lessons after. 

Cancellation Policy

Anyone who does not show up for their lesson without notifying Amy (585) 905-9955 will be charged the full lesson, or if they are on a package they will lose one lesson from the package. If you need to cancel your lesson, please be sure to notify Amy of the cancellation by 5:00pm the night before your lesson. If you cancel after 5pm the night before the lesson you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. (some exceptions will be allowed such as being sick).  All cancellation fees must be paid before the next lesson.  Thank you for your understanding, as this will allow time to fill the lesson slot.

Bad Weather

If the weather does not allow for a riding lesson you may reschedule the riding lesson for another date. There is no cancellation fee if the weather is bad. 

New Student Forms

If you would like to print out and complete the release forms before your first lesson, please click on the 3 attachments.  Otherwise you can fill them out at your first lesson. 

Lesson Prices

Payment is due at the time of the lesson. Cash(exact change), check, and Venmo are accepted. Checks made out to Amy Becker